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Gutter FAQ's – Gutter Installation Company New Hampshire

  1. What are the advantages of gutters?
  2. The main advantage of gutters is that they will save you thousands of dollars in home repairs. They will prevent backsplash, washouts, erosion and flooded basements. Also, if gutters are installed correctly, they will enhance the curb appeal of your home. Gutters and downspout come in many colors, so there will be a color that matches your home close to perfectly. Gutters are a professional matter, hiring a professional gutter company will save you thousands in costly home and gutter repair.

  3. Why do I need gutters?
  4. This question is asked by customers on a daily basis, and it has one simple answer; water. Water damage is the main reason why there needs to be gutters on a home. No matter what age of the house or building, roof water can cause the following problems:

    * Backsplash- the water falling from the eaves of the roof hits the ground with so much force that the backsplash that is causes can leave stains on your home. Mold and mildew can also form where the water has stained the home. Repainting or replacement of the siding will not solve your problem; gutters are the only solution to stop the backsplash.

    * Washouts and erosion- where the water hits the ground from the roof, erosion will start to happen. If left unfixed, the ground erosion will become quite deep. Washouts can also occur if there are plants or landscaping under the roof eaves.

    * Flooded basements- whether you have a finished or unfinished basement, the water will find its way in. What happens is when the water pools on the ground from the roof, the water has no place to go but into your basement. It will slowly soak into the ground and eventually into the walls of your basement. Roof water can be as much as six tractor trailer loads, and imagine that falling around your foundation walls. What the gutters will do is take that roof water and direct it away from your basement, preventing pooling around the foundation and essentially preventing a flooded basement.

  5. What type of hanger do you use in the gutter?
  6. Hidden hangers are used on our gutters; they are the strongest hangers on the market. How they work is they clip into the front lip of the gutter, and then snap onto the back. The hangers are invisible from the ground, hence the name hidden hanger.

  7. What type of gutters do you offer?
  8. 5" and 6" K-style gutters are the most frequently installed. Half-round and copper gutter are available on special request; the cost of these will vary depending on the copper market. Although K-style gutters are seamless, half-round gutters are not.

    Separate from the gutters, we offer gutter protection systems. The Leaf Relief is the most popular of the these systems.

  9. Do you repair/clean out gutters?
  10. Unfortunately No, however we will clean your gutters one last time for free if you purchase and have us install a new Leaf Gutter Protection System from us. For the latest price, call the office during normal business hours.

  11. Can you install a gutter protection system on existing gutters?
  12. In most cases, we can install gutter protection on existing aluminum seamless gutters. If your existing gutter is not seamless or made out of plastic; gutter protection cannot be installed. Please note, that if you have existing gutters they must be in excellent condition, meaning no sags, bends or leaks in order to install gutter protection.

  13. Why are my gutters overflowing?
  14. The number one reason that gutters overflow is because the gutter is clogged. It may not look clogged from the ground, but in 99 percent of overflowing gutter issues they are clogged. Before calling the office with this problem, please make sure that your gutter is not clogged in anyway; this means check the gutter itself, the downspout and the elbows. If after checking everything there still is a problem, then we will take a look at the problem. But, please be advised that if we come to your home and the gutter is clogged, there will be a service charge applied.

    Always remember, that like a car, gutters require regular maintenance to keep it performing correctly. If cleaning your gutter is a hassle, please look into a gutter protection system.

  15. What is the true cause of Ice Dams?
  16. Contrary to popular belief, gutters do not cause ice. As a matter of fact, neither roof, gutters, nor gutter protection systems can ever cause ice problems. It is easy to blame either the roofing or the gutters, especially if you have never had the problem before and just received a new roof, gutters, or gutter protection system.

    The cause of the ice problem is either because of inadequate insulation, ventilation or both. Heat loss from your home to the attic is the primary culprit of ice dams. The reason ice and ice dams form is because warm air leaks from the living space below. It then melts the snow, which trickles down to the colder edge of the roof, and refreezes. The more snow that accumulates on the roof acts as an insulator on the roof; this keeps more heat in the attic, which makes the roof warmer and this melts more snow. The more snow that melts and the colder the temperature mean more ice at the eaves of the roof.

    So, this winter season don't blame the gutters, your problem is due to inadequate insulation and improper ventilation.